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Irradiation and Heat Disinfestation Treatments for Apple MaggotG. J. Hallman2001HTMLPDFn/a
Use of bioregulators to enhance 'Delicious' fruit quality and maintain fruit conditionStephen R Drake2002HTMLPDFn/a
Identification of target and cull fruit pre- and post-harvestCarter Clary2003HTMLPDFn/a
Development Of Value-Added Dried Apple ProductsCarter Clary2003HTMLPDFn/a
Ensuring the edible quality of Washington-grown applesEugene Kupferman2003HTMLPDFn/a
Consumer perception of MCP-treated applesEugene Kupferman2003HTMLPDFn/a
Prediction of apple quality characteristics by tracking apple mass loss in storage.Dr. Steven O. Link2003HTMLPDFn/a
1-MCP: Effects on Flavor and Methods to Compensate or Enhance Apple Flavor QualityA. Nathan Reed2003HTMLPDFn/a
Developing an optimal postharvest system for fresh-cut apple slices with consideration of cultivar selection, physiology, pathology, and sensory quality.Robert Saftner2003HTMLPDFn/a
Development of apple quality standards for slicing and optimization of sanitation procedures.Dr. Peter M.A. Toivonen2003HTMLPDFn/a
Role of Sorbitol in Apple Productivity and QualityAbhaya M. Dandekar2004HTMLPDFn/a
Ensuring the edible quality of Washington-grown applesEugene Kupferman2004HTMLPDFn/a
Non-invasive colorimetric measurement of ethylene release for in-orchard evaluation of apple readiness for harvest Robert Klein2005HTMLPDFn/a
Regulation of apple fruit ripeningJames Mattheis2007HTMLPDFn/a
Target-specific control of fungal pathogens of tree fruit by natural compoundsKen Johnson2007HTMLPDFn/a
Holistic Approach to Decay ManagementChang-Lin Xiao2007HTMLPDFn/a
Sphaeropsis Rot in AppleChang-Lin Xiao2007HTMLPDFn/a
Sprayable 1-MCP for managing apple harvest and postharvest qualityDon C. Elfving2008HTMLPDFn/a
Testing of a sticker for ethylene release from applesMark Riley, PhD2008HTMLPDFn/a
Sensory profiles and consumer acceptance of apple breeding selectionsCarolyn Ross2008HTMLPDFn/a
Improving fruit finish and fruit quality in applesLarry Schrader2008HTMLPDFn/a
Identifying causes of variability in fruit qualityMatthew Whiting2011HTMLPDFn/a
Economic Impact of Apple Maggot Infestation in WashingtonR. Karina Gallardo2018HTMLn/an/a
Programs to increase packouts of applesInes Hanrahan2018HTMLn/an/a

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