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Maturity and Storage Impacts on Apple Volatile Production James Mattheis2000HTMLPDFn/a
Vapor and nonchemical treatments for decay control and flavor retention in apples.Robert Saftner2001HTMLPDFn/a
Use of Electronic Nose to Evaluate Aroma Quality of ‘Gala’, ‘Fuji’, ‘Delicious’ and ‘Granny Smith’ Apples Treated by 1-MCP and Stored in Controlled AtmosphereElizabeth A. Baldwin2002HTMLPDFn/a
Manipulation of Ethylene for Apple Postharvest ManagementJames Mattheis2002HTMLPDFn/a
Optimizing 1-MCP effects on fresh market applesRobert Saftner2002HTMLPDFn/a
Consumer perception of MCP-treated applesEugene Kupferman2003HTMLPDFn/a
1-MCP: Effects on Flavor and Methods to Compensate or Enhance Apple Flavor QualityA. Nathan Reed2003HTMLPDFn/a
Regulation of Ethylene-induced Farnesene Synthesis to Control ScaldBruce D. Whitaker2003HTMLPDFn/a
Postharvest Physiology of Winter Pears (Funded by WPCC)Paul M. Chen2003HTMLPDFn/a
Use of bioregulators to enhance apple fruit quality and maintain fruit conditionStephen R Drake2004HTMLPDFn/a
Baseline tracking of MCP use and fruit responseDana Faubion2004HTMLPDFn/a
Manipulation of Pear Fruit Ripening by Control of Ethylene Action (Funded by WPCC)James Mattheis2004HTMLPDFn/a
Bioregulators to enhance apple fruit quality and maintain conditionDon C. Elfving2005HTMLPDFn/a
Relationships Between Horticultural Oil Application and Postharvest Behaviour of Apples John Fellman2005HTMLPDFn/a
Development of cultivar-specific storage protocols utilizing 1-MCPJames Mattheis2005HTMLPDFn/a
Using Chlorophyll Fluorescence for the Rapid, Non-Destructive Assessment of Apple Fruit Quality Dr. Jun Song2005HTMLPDFn/a
Role of ethylene and Actigard in defense against the gray mold pathogen Botrytis cinereaHenrik Stotz2006HTMLPDFn/a
MCP and edible coatings to extend storage and marketing life of pearsJinhe Bai2007HTMLPDFn/a
Harvest and postharvest practices for optimum qualityJames Mattheis2007HTMLPDFn/a
Winter pear quality maintenanceJinhe Bai2008HTMLPDFn/a
Sprayable 1-MCP for managing apple postharvest qualityDon C. Elfving2009HTMLPDFn/a
Washington apple varieties for management of type 2 DiabetesKalidas Shetty2010HTMLPDFn/a
Ripening compounds use for improved quality of fresh pearAmit Dhingra2014HTMLPDFn/a
Physiological genomics of 1-MCP use in pear Amit Dhingra2015HTMLPDFn/a
Enhancing shelf life and quality of 1-MCP treated sliced pears Amit Dhingra2015HTMLPDFn/a
Physiological, economic and consumer evaluation of sliced pearsAmit Dhingra2016HTMLPDFn/a
Controlling postharvest disorders of pears during storage and export Yan Wang2016HTMLPDFn/a
Delivering quality pear fruit to consumersYu Dong2018HTMLn/an/a
At-harvest protocols for apple fruit disorder and quality management James Mattheis2019HTMLn/an/a

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