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Condition and Storage of Apple Cultivars in Controlled and Regular Atmosphere StorageStephen R Drake1997HTMLPDFn/a
Developmental Regulation of Fruit Volatile SynthesisJames Mattheis1997HTMLPDFn/a
Improved storage quality of winter pears with the use of controlled atmosphereStephen R Drake1998HTMLPDFn/a
Impact of methyl jasmonate treatments on incidence of ‘Bing’ sweet cherry decay.James Mattheis1999HTMLPDFn/a
Sweet Cherry Response to Controlled and Modified Atmospheres James Mattheis1999HTMLPDFn/a
Optimizing fruit quality and modified atmosphere packaging of cherriesEugene Kupferman1999HTMLPDFn/a
Maturity and Storage Impacts on Apple Volatile Production James Mattheis2000HTMLPDFn/a
Evaluation of Ammonia Sensors for CA StorageJeff Griffin2001HTMLPDFn/a
Evaluation of Relative Humidity Sensors for CA StorageJeff Griffin2001HTMLPDFn/a
DPA contamination of organic apples and pearsEugene Kupferman2001HTMLPDFn/a
Vapor and nonchemical treatments for decay control and flavor retention in apples.Robert Saftner2001HTMLPDFn/a
CA Storage of Golden Delicious Apples with Increased HumidityMatthew Wight2001HTMLPDFn/a
DPA contamination of organic apples and pearsEugene Kupferman2001HTMLPDFn/a
Evaluation of Relative Humidity Sensors for CA StorageJeff Griffin2001HTMLPDFn/a
Irradiation and Heat Disinfestation Treatments for Apple MaggotG. J. Hallman2001HTMLPDFn/a
Vapor and nonchemical treatments for decay control and flavor retention in applesRobert Saftner2001HTMLPDFn/a
Use of Electronic Nose to Evaluate Aroma Quality of ‘Gala’, ‘Fuji’, ‘Delicious’ and ‘Granny Smith’ Apples Treated by 1-MCP and Stored in Controlled AtmosphereElizabeth A. Baldwin2002HTMLPDFn/a
Apple Scald/Lenticel Disorder Chemistry John Fellman2002HTMLPDFn/a
Sensors for CA Refrigeration SystemsJeff Griffin2002HTMLPDFn/a
A new sensor for tracking apple firmness in CA storage.Dr. Steven O. Link2002HTMLPDFn/a
Manipulation of Ethylene for Apple Postharvest ManagementJames Mattheis2002HTMLPDFn/a
Reducing Storage Disorders with Natural Plant OilsEric Curry2002HTMLPDFn/a
Identification of target and cull fruit pre- and post-harvestCarter Clary2003HTMLPDFn/a
Prevention of the Contamination of Organic Apples with Diphenylamine During StorageCharles Forney2003HTMLPDFn/a
Consumer perception of MCP-treated applesEugene Kupferman2003HTMLPDFn/a
Prediction of apple quality characteristics by tracking apple mass loss in storage.Dr. Steven O. Link2003HTMLPDFn/a
1-MCP: Effects on Flavor and Methods to Compensate or Enhance Apple Flavor QualityA. Nathan Reed2003HTMLPDFn/a
Postharvest quality of late season cherry varieties grown in Washington StateEugene Kupferman2004HTMLPDFn/a
Manipulation of Pear Fruit Ripening by Control of Ethylene Action (Funded by WPCC)James Mattheis2004HTMLPDFn/a
Ensuring the edible quality of Washington-grown applesEugene Kupferman2004HTMLPDFn/a
Improving Air Distribution in Fruit Storage WarehousesMartin L. Hellickson2005HTMLPDFn/a
Development of cultivar-specific storage protocols utilizing 1-MCPJames Mattheis2005HTMLPDFn/a
Postharvest quality of new commercially grown cherry varietiesEugene Kupferman2005HTMLPDFn/a
Quality and condition of winter pears as influenced by harvesting, handling, packing and storageStephen R Drake2005HTMLPDFn/a
Storage Decay and Postharvest Quality ResearchDavid Sugar2005HTMLPDFn/a
Acetic Acid Vapors to Decontaminate Bins & Storage RoomsPaul Randall2007HTMLPDFn/a
Coatings and other treatments to improve cherry qualityJinhe Bai2007HTMLPDFn/a
Improving Cherry Fruit Quality and Postharvest Shelf LifeLarry Schrader2007HTMLPDFn/a
Pear fruit quality improvementDavid Sugar2010HTMLPDFn/a
Ripening capacity and decay control in Winter PearsDavid Sugar2012HTMLPDFn/a
Fruit metabolic responses to controlled atmosphere O2 and CO2 stress Jim Mattheis2013HTMLPDFn/a
Inheritance of chilling-dependent pear fruit ripeningRichard L. Bell 2014HTMLPDFn/a
Ripening compounds use for improved quality of fresh pearAmit Dhingra2014HTMLPDFn/a
Ripening capacity and decay control in winter pearsDavid Sugar2014HTMLPDFn/a
Extending storage/shipping life and assuring good arrival of sweet cherry Yan Wang2015HTMLPDFn/a
Deliver 1-MCP treated d’Anjou pears with predictable ripening capacity Yan Wang2015HTMLPDFn/a
WTFRC Project Number: CH-14-104Girish Ganjyal2016HTMLPDFn/a
Improving food safety of fresh apples by hot air impingement dryingGirish Ganjyal2016HTMLPDFn/a
Controlling postharvest disorders of pears during storage and export Yan Wang2016HTMLPDFn/a
Identification of procedures to extend ‘Honeycrisp’ storage lifeJim Mattheis2017HTMLPDFn/a
Programs to increase packouts of applesInes Hanrahan2018HTMLn/an/a
Prevalence, biology and management of bull’s eye rot in appleMark Mazzola2018HTMLn/an/a
Survey of Anjou pear conditioning in the Pacific NorthwestRob Blakey2018HTMLn/an/a

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