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Prevention of the Contamination of Organic Apples with Diphenylamine During StorageCharles Forney2003HTMLPDFn/a
Sphaeropsis rot in appleChang-Lin Xiao2005HTMLPDFn/a
Lenticel Breakdown: Time in Storage, Fuji and FungicidesEugene Kupferman2005HTMLPDFn/a
Proteomic approach to study scald disorder of applesDr. Jun Song2007HTMLPDFn/a
Control of postharvest decay in pearChang-Lin Xiao2008HTMLPDFn/a
Control of postharvest fruit rots in appleChang-Lin Xiao2011HTMLPDFn/a
Testing biomarker-based tools for scald risk assessment during storage David Rudell2014HTMLPDFn/a
Effect of crabapple pruning on Sphaeropsis and speck rot incidenceYong-Ki (Richard) Kim2016HTMLPDFn/a
Commercial testing of early scald risk assessment tools David Rudell2016HTMLPDFn/a

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