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Insecticides and Honey BeesD. F. Mayer1995HTMLPDFn/a
Timing of Movement into Overwintering Quarters by Natural EnemiesDavid Horton2001HTMLPDFn/a
Pear IPM: Area-wide movement patterns of psylla and its interaction with chemical use and natural enemy abundance.Tom Unruh2002HTMLPDFn/a
Identification of extra-orchard host plants and habitats for key natural enemies of pome fruit pests suitable for manipulation or conservationEugene Miliczky2003HTMLPDFn/a
Developing sampling plans for leafrollers and their natural enemiesVincent P. Jones2004HTMLPDFn/a
New pest management programs for apple and pearJay F. Brunner2004HTMLPDFn/a
A new pollinator from the homeland of applesW. Steve Sheppard2006HTMLPDFn/a
Effects of new insecticides on natural enemiesTom Unruh2006HTMLPDFn/a
The importance of dispersal in biological control and IPMVincent P. Jones2007HTMLPDFn/a
Synthetic honey bee brood pheromone to enhance pear pollination Ramesh Sagili 2012HTMLPDFn/a
Honey bee colony healthWalter S. Sheppard2013HTMLPDFn/a
Best practices for predator releases: lacewings, beetles, and mitesTom Unruh2013HTMLPDFn/a
Protein-based foam for applying lacewings eggs to fruit trees by ATVTom Unruh2014HTMLPDFn/a
Models to assess pesticide impacts on CM, OBLR and C. nigricornisVincent P. Jones2015HTMLPDFn/a
Evaluating plant volatiles for augmenting biological controlVincent P. Jones2017HTMLPDFn/a
Development and validation of pest and natural enemy models Vincent P. Jones2017HTMLPDFn/a
Importation of the honey bee subspecies that coevolved with applesWalter S. Sheppard2018HTMLn/an/a

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