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Fruit Bud Cold ResistanceE.L. Proebsting1995HTMLPDFn/a
Peach Thinning TrialJim McFerson2002HTMLPDFn/a
Influence of Blossom Thinners in Commercial Peach Cultivars on Fruit Set and Effects of Training and Crop Load Adjustment on Fruit Quality in ‘Snow Giant’ PeachDr. Essie Fallahi2005HTMLPDFn/a
Fine-Tuning Time and Rate of Tergitol TMN-6 and Other Blossom Thinners for Peach and Plum Dr. Essie Fallahi2006HTMLPDFn/a
Apricot scion & peach rootstock evaluationsMatthew Whiting2007HTMLPDFn/a
Determination of Precise Time and Rate of Rate of Tergitol TMN-6Dr. Essie Fallahi2008HTMLPDFn/a
Cooperative evaluation of high efficiency orchard systems Matthew Whiting2011HTMLPDFn/a
Programs to increase yields of target fruit in peach and nectarine Tory Schmidt2011HTMLPDFn/a
Cooperative evaluation of high efficiency orchard systemsMatthew Whiting2014HTMLPDFn/a

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