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Name Location Specialty
Preston AndrewsDept. of Horticulture and Landscape Architecturefruit crops, physiology, organic systems
Oumaru BadiniWSU International Programssoils, international development, training, Africa
Byung-Kee Baik
Andy BaryWSU Puyallup RECDept. Crop and Soil Sciences - Soils, organic nutrient management, compost, manure management
Elizabeth BeersWSU Tree Fruit Researtch & Extension CenterIndirect pests of tree fruits
Curtis BeusCooperative ExtensionAgriculture, community food systems
David BezdicekDept. Crop and Soil SciencesSoil biology, cropping systems, green manure crops, recycling and composting.
Rick BoydstonUSDA-ARS Vegetable and Forage Crop Research UnitWeed control
Pete BristowWSU Puyallup RECDiseases of small fruit crops
John BrownDept. EntomologyEntomology research and teaching
Jay BrunnerWSU Tree Fruit Researtch & Extension Centerinsect pest management, codling moth
Ian BurkeDept. of Crop and Soil SciencesWeed Biology and Ecology
Doug Call
Kim Campbell
Lynne Carpenter-BoggsWSU CSANR / Crops & Soilssoil biology, compost, biodynamic farming
Craig CoggerWSU Puyallup RECDept. Crop and Soil Sciences - Organic nutrient management, land application of organic wastes
Doug CollinsWSU Puyallup RECsoil biology, soil quality
Catherine DanielsWSU Puyallup RECpesticides, pest management
Joan DavenportWSU IARECNitrogen and nutrient management in potatoes, grapes, tree fruit
Neal DaviesDept. of Pharmaceutical SciencesPharmacometrics of Anti-inflammatory / Anti-Cancer Drugs, Phytochemicals and Orthopedic Implants
Amit DhingraDept. Horticulturegenomics
Lindsey du ToitMt. Vernon Research and Extension Centervegetable seed pathology
John DunleyWSU Tree Fruit RECPear entomology, integrated pest management,organic, areawide pest management
Chris FeiseWSU Puyallup RECSustainable agriculture research and education
John FellmanDepartment of Horticulture and Landscape ArchitecturePostharvest handling and storage Fruit biochemistry
Emmett FiskeDept. Rural SociologyEnvironmental conflict resolution, group effectiveness, international development
Steve FransenWSU Prosser IARECForages and crops quality and production
Jim FreedWSU Extension special forest products
Pat FuerstWSU Crops and Soilsweed control
Robert Gallagherformerly Dept. Crop and Soil Sciencesweed ecology, weed control in organic grains
Brad GaolachWSU/King County ExtensionEntomology: plant/insect interactions
Jerry GloverDept. Crop and Soil SciencesApple orchards,grain crops, systems comparisons
Jessica GoldbergerWSU Pullmanfood systems, surveys, organic agriculture
David GranatsteinWSU Tree Fruit RECSustainable agriculture, soil quality, ecolabeling, organic tree fruit
Gary GroveWSU IARECDiseases of tree fruit and grapes;AgWeatherNet
Lee HadwigerDept. of Plant PathologyPlant disease control with a focus on alternative methods
Debra Hansen
Larry HillerDept. Horticulture & Landscape ArchitectureGeneral horticulture, vegetable crops, potatoes, mineral nutrition, crop physiology
Herb HinmanSchool of Economicsenterprise budgets, farm economics
David HollandDept. Agricultural EconomicsRegional economic models and economic analysis: social, environmental and economic accounting
David Horton
David HugginsUSDA-ARS Land Management and Water Conservation UnitSoil carbon and nitrogen cycling and management, water quality, conservation tillage and cropping systems, precision farming, alternative crops, soil fertility and crop nutrition, agroecology
Debra Ann InglisWSU Mt. Vernon RECDiseases of fresh market and processing vegetable crops
David JamesWSU Prosser IARECinsect pest management, biological control
Vince JonesWSU-Tree Fruit Research & Extension CenterInsect behavioral ecology
Stephen JonesDept. Crop and Soil SciencesWheat breeding and genetics
Susan KerrWSU Klickitat County ExtensionLivestock health
Elizabeth KirbyWSU Wenatchee
Richard KoenigCrops and Soils
Chad KrugerCenter for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural ResourcesClimate Friendly Farming
Shiou KuoWSU Puyallup RECSoil fertility and soil chemistry
Lerry LaceyUSDA-ARS Yakima Agricultural Research LabControl of insect pests with microbial pathogens
Peter LandoltUSDA-ARS Yakima Agricultural Research LabChemical ecology, insect attractants, traps and lures, sampling and monitoring of pest insects
Craig MacConnellWSU Extension Whatcom Countyhorticulture, biogas, anaerobic digestion, raspberry
Mark MazzolaUSDA ARS Tree Fruit Research Labsoil-borne diseases, apple replant disease, rhizosphere ecology
Rebecca McGeeUSDA-ARSLegume research
Andrew McGuireWSU Grant County ExtensionCrop production and soil quality, biofumigation
Carol MilesWSU Vancouver RECAlternative crops, vegetable production, manure and compost applications, and alternative pest control
Terry MillerDept. of EntomologyBiological control, IPM, natural enemy production and conservation
Tim MillerWSU Mt. Vernon RECWeed science
Nick MillsUniversity of California, Berkeley
Danna MooreWSU Pullmansurveys, statistical analysis
Gary MoultonWSU Mt. Vernonfruit crops, specialty crops, grapes
Curtis MoultonCooperative ExtensionOrganic certification
David MuehleisenSmall Farms Programentomology,small farms
Kent Mullinix formerly Wenatchee Valley CollegeDept. Horticulture & Landscape Architecture - Agriculture teaching program
Kevin MurphyDept. of Crops & Soilscrop breeding, wheat
Mark Musick Pike Place Market
Rei NakataniWSU - Vancouver
Donald NelsonDept. of Animal SciencesBeef cattle, holistic management, grazing
Marcia OstromWSU Puyallup RECSmall farms community based food systems
Kim PattenWSU Long Beach REUCranberries
Gregory PeckVirginia Techhorticulture
Frank PeryeaWSU Tree Fruit RECsoil chemistry, tree fruit nutrition, nitrogen, calcium, micronutrients,
Keith PikeWSU Prosser Irrig. Ag. RECAgricultural entomology (aphid parasitoids), integrated pest management of small grains
Dennis PittmannCrops and Soilsdryland cereal production
John ReganoldDept. Crop and Soil SciencesSoil quality, organic systems comparisons
Ekaterina RigaWSU IARECnematodes, biocontrol
Diana RobertsWSU Spokane County ExtensionDirect seeding, grain production
Shyam SablaniDepartment of Biological Systems EngineeringModeling of transport phenomena in food processes Food material science Food package engineering
Hector SaezNorthwestern Research and Extension Center in Mount Vernoninternational business savvy with environmental and social consciousness
Timothy J. SmithWSU Chelan County ExtensionTree Fruit Production and IPM
Amanda SnyderWSU Crops and Soilsinsects, biological controls, beneficial insect habitat
William SnyderDept. of EntomologyInsect ecology
Madhu SondeVancouver Research & Extension Center
John StarkWSU Puyallup RECEcotoxicology, integrated pest management
Robert StevensWSU IARECsoil fertility, nutrients, phosphorus, manure
Claudio Stockle
Alex StoneDept. of Horticultureorganic production, vegetables, soil management, soil diseases
Andrew StoutFull Circle Farmorganic fresh vegetables
Barry SwansonDept. Food Science and Human NutritionFood preservation, processing, safety and quality
Jerry TangrenWSU Tree Fruit RECmodeling,statistics,computer technology, soils, behavioral ecology
Thomas UnruhUSDA-ARS YARLBiological control
Karina Vega-Villa
Thomas WaltersMount Vernon Northwestern Washington Research & Extension CenterPlant Breeding and Biometry rrigation and fertility management for berry crops to produce great yields, promote healthy plants and maintain safe drinking water
Holly WangSchool of Economic Sciences
Joe YenishDept. Crop and Soil SciencesIntegrated weed management
Doug YoungSchool of EconomicsAgricultural economics, cropping systems
Usama Zaher
Name Location Specialty
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