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Orchard Pest Management Online

OPM Online is based on the book "Orchard Pest Management: A Resource Book for the Pacific Northwest"

Edited by Elizabeth Beers, Jay F. Brunner, Michael J. Willett and Geraldine Warner
With original illustrations by Geraldine Warner
Published 1993 by the Good Fruit Grower, Yakima, WA

Concepts of Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management Overview

Insect Growth and Development

Animal Classification


Biological control

Degree-day Models

Degree Day Tables

Insect Growth Regulators

Managing Pesticide Resistance

Mating Disruption

Natural Enemies


Scientific Names

Direct Pests

Tortricid moths


Other moths

Psylla and mealybugs

Fruit flies

True bugs


Other direct pests

Indirect Pests


Tetranychid (spider) mites

Eriophyid (rust) mites


Pome fruit aphids

Stone fruit aphids



Borers (beetles)

Borers (moths)

Other moths

Root-feeding grubs

Other indirect pests

Natural Enemies and Beneficial Insects

Predatory Neuroptera

Lady beetles

Predatory flies

Predatory bugs

Predatory mites

Predatory thrips

Other predators

Parasitic wasps

Parasitic wasps (cont.)

Parasitic flies




Orchard Pest Management, is copyrighted by the Washington State Fruit Commission. Soft cover copies are available for purchase.
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