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Orchard Pest Management



Alston, Diane G.California prionus;
Anthon, E.W.Lygus bugs; Western boxelder bug;
Antonelli, A. L.Earwig;
Barbour, James D.California prionus;
Barrett, Bruce A.Western tentiform leafminer;
Beers, E. H.Spotted Wing Drosophila;
Beers, ElizabethAmblydromella caudiglans; Other phytoseiids;
Beers, Elizabeth H.Rain beetles; Camplylomma; Dock sawfly; Insect Growth and Development; McDaniel spider mite; Prunus rust mites; Tenlined June beetle; Twospotted spider mite; Yellow spider mite; Campylomma; Apple rust mite; Typhlodromus occidentalis; Apple aphid & Spirea aphid; Weevils; Brown mite; Carpenterworm; Apple Mealybug; Western flower thrips; Western tentiform leafminer; Rosy apple aphid; European red mite; White apple leafhopper; Rose leafhopper; Anagrus sp; Aphelopus typhlocyba; Integrated Pest Management Overview; Cherry bark tortrix; Aphelinus mali; Woolly apple aphid;
Booth, StevenLacewings;
Brunner, Jay F.Apanteles sp.; Ascogaster quadridentata; Eyespotted budmoth; Fall webworm; Macrocentrus ancylivorus; Mating Disruption; Oriental fruit moth; Peachtree borer; Pnigalio flavipes; Redhumped caterpillar; Tent caterpillar; Trechnites psyllae; Yellownecked caterpillar; Degree-day Models; Sampling; Peach twig borer; Pandemis, obliquebanded, fruittree, and European leafrollers; Codling moth; Lacanobia; Western tentiform leafminer; Integrated Pest Management Overview; Apple maggot; Colpoclypeus florus;
Burgett, MichaelHoneybee;
Burts, Everett C.Ants; Pear psylla; Grape mealybug; Tenlined June beetle;
Cockfield, S.Western flower thrips;
Croft, Brian A.Zetzellia mali; Typhlodromus pyri;
Curtiss, RobLacewings;
Dennehy, Timothy J.Managing Pesticide Resistance;
Doerr, MikeShothole borer, Ambrosia beetle; Lacanobia;
Dunley, JohnPear psylla; Pear rust mite; Grape mealybug; Managing Pesticide Resistance; Insect Growth Regulators;
Elsner, Erwin A.White apple leafhopper; Rose leafhopper; Anagrus sp; Aphelopus typhlocyba;
Gut, Larry L.Integrated Pest Management Overview;
Hannon, Eugene R.Carpenterworm;
Haskett, MikeApple ermine moth;
Homan, Hugh W.Pacific flatheaded borer;
Howell, J. FranklinGreen fruitworms and cutworms;
Hoyt, Stanley C.Earwig; Grasshoppers; Oystershell scale; San Jose scale; McDaniel spider mite; Twospotted spider mite; Typhlodromus occidentalis; Apple aphid & Spirea aphid; European red mite; Integrated Pest Management Overview; Aphelinus mali; Woolly apple aphid;
Jones, Vincent P.Degree-day Models; Sampling;
Klaus, Michael W.Mormon Cricket; Apple maggot; Cherry bark tortrix;
Knight, AlanMating Disruption;
Krupke, ChristianStink bugs;
Krysan, James L.Insect Growth Regulators;
LaGasa, EricApple Leafcurling Midge; Apple ermine moth; Cherry bark tortrix;
Long, LynnGreen peach aphid; Pear slug; Black cherry aphid;
Mayer, Daniel F.Grasshoppers; Honeybee;
Messina, Frank J.Western cherry fruit fly;
Miliczky, EugeneSpiders;
Mink, GaylordEriophyes inaequalis;
Moffitt, Harold R.Lesser appleworm;
Oldfiield, George N.Eriophyes inaequalis; Pear rust mite; Prunus rust mites; Apple rust mite;
Paulson, GregAnts;
Rice, Richard E.Oriental fruit moth; Peach twig borer;
Riedl, HelmutDeraeocoris; European fruit lecanium; Green peach aphid; Snakeflies; Walnut husk fly; Pear psylla; Rain beetles; Typhlodromus pyri; Black cherry aphid; Pear leafcurling midge;
Rough, DonaldPeachtree borer;
Schmidt, RebeccaAmblydromella caudiglans; Other phytoseiids;
Smirle, MichaelPear rust mite;
Smith, Timothy J.Spotted Wing Drosophila; Western cherry fruit fly;
Steffan, Shawn A.California prionus;
Terry, IreneWestern flower thrips;
Unruh, Tom R.Biological control; Trechnites psyllae; Apple ermine moth;
Van Steenwyk, R.A.Tenlined June beetle;
VanBuskirk, PhilCalifornia sawfly; Shothole borer, Ambrosia beetle; Dock sawfly;
Walsh, DougSpotted Wing Drosophila;
Warner, GeraldineAnthocorids; Cecidomyiid flies; Deraeocoris; Leucopus spp.; Syrphid flies; Camplylomma; Insect Growth and Development; Sampling;
Westigard, Peter H.Pear rust mite; Yellow spider mite; Apple rust mite;
Willett, Michael J.Apple grain aphid; Lesser appleworm; Apple aphid & Spirea aphid; Rosy apple aphid; Aphelinus mali; Woolly apple aphid;
Zack, RichFall webworm;


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